June 14th

Awesome Book (Part 2)

How to Enjoy Reading the Bible

(All resources are from DiscipleLand- My Awesome Adventures copyright 2012)

Bible Memory Verse for June

Acts 5:4b

"When you lie, God knows."


Spark Interest:  On an Adventure

Take a moment to look at these pictures:

How is life like a journey?  How do these items all fit into the journey of life?  

For example, the road map signifies the decisions we have to make to get us where we want to go.  Sometimes we make wrong turns but it is possible to turn around and head the right way again.

  • What about the car?

  • Food

  • Bag

  • Book

  • First aid kit

Exploring Scripture

Due to it’s size, the Bible can be intimidating.  Open your Bible to the table of contents.  The word “Bible” actually comes from a word meaning “Book of Books.”  The Bible is a collection of smaller books that can be read one at a time.  

Use your table of contents to determine how many books are in each section, the Old and New Testaments, and in the entire Bible.  

Can you name all sixty-six Bible books by memory?  

Learning the Bible’s structure makes it easier to read, too!  

When you are reading your Bible look for S-P-A-C-E:

S= Sins to confess

P= Promises to claim

A=Attitudes to adjust

C= Commands to obey

E= Examples to follow

Inspire Action

Print: https://1155654.app.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=6857&c=1155654&h=11f2e893ff92fa1f96fc&_xt=.pdf

This is a copy of the Through the Bible Tour.  Read the themes of all sixty-six Bible books and draw a star next to those titles that interest you.  This activity will help you decide what part of the Bible to read first.

Closing Words

Dear Heavenly Father; I pray that these children keep their appointments to read their Bibles and meet with God.  Amen.