June 28th

Angel Face

Stephen Joins Jesus in Heaven- Acts 6:8- 7:60

(Jesus Lives in Us- DiscipleLand Copyright 2014)

Sing With Joy

Listen to or sing The B-I-B-L-E and What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Bible Memory Verse for June

Acts 5:4b

"When you lie, God knows."

Bible Story: Angel Face (Based on Acts 6:8-7:60)

Stephen lived in Bible times.  He was one of God’s best helpers.  The Lord gave Stephen power to do wonderful things for others.  Stephen also told many people about Jesus.  They learned how much God loved them.

But some mean men didn’t want otters to hear the things Stephen said.  They became very angry.  They wanted to stop Stephen from talking about Jesus!  So, the mean men told their leaders, “Stephen says bad things about God!”  But that wasn’t true!  Stephen loved the Lord!

God’s Spirit gave Stephen real power to live

He Spoke words of truth and he chose to forgive.

The mean men brought Stephen to their leaders.  They ordered Stephen to explain what he was teaching.  When Stephen started speaking, everyone saw that his face looked like an angel’s!

God’s Holy Spirit filled Stephen with power and courage to speak.  Stephen told them about the amazing things God had done for His people in the Bible.  He reminded them that God is good and that the Lord takes care of His people.  Stephen told them that God always keeps His promises. 

Then Stephen told the leaders that Jesus was God’s Son.  Jesus was the special One God had promised to send to His people.  But the leaders didn’t want to hear about Jesus.  They refused to believe Stephen’s words.  Soon they became very angry!  But Stephen wasn’t afraid.  He had told them the truth.  

God’s Spirit gave Stephen real power to live

He Spoke words of truth and he chose to forgive.

Then Stephen looked up.  He saw something that made him very happy!  “Look, I can see into heaven,”  Stephen said.  “And Jesus is standing right beside God, His Father!”

Now the mean men became very, very, angry.  They didn’t want to hear any more.  They shouted at Stephen and covered their ears.  Then they grabbed Stephen and dragged himo outside the city.  They started throwing large rocks at Stephen.  

God’s Spirit gave Stephen real power to live

He Spoke words of truth and he chose to forgive.

Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, take my spirit to be with You in heaven.”  Just before Stephen died, he said, “Lord, please forgive the men who are doing this to me.”  Stephen asked God to forgive the mean men for the wrong things they had done.  Then Stephen went to heaven to be with Jesus, his best Friend.

Discussion Questions:

  • What was the name of the follower of Jesus in our Bible story?

  • Why were some of the people so mad at Stephen?

  • What did the mean people finally do to Stephen?

  • What did Stephen ask God to do?

Craft:  Arms of Forgiveness

Supplies:  paper (the bigger the better), crayons/colors

Draw outstretched arms with hands, make a big heart in the middle.  Write on the arms “I will forgive.”  Draw and decorate more hearts on the page.

Talk with your child about different situations when they might need to forgive someone, such as someone pushing them, not sharing with them, or taking something of theirs without asking.  After each situation have them give someone a hug by wrapping the paper harms around them and saying “I will forgive.”