When Life Happens...

Please be comfortable contacting any of our Elders when a spiritual, emotional, or physical need arises. However, there also may be times when your circumstances require specialized resources we don’t have available here at SCC, and for those times we’ve created a Care Network to assist you to find the help you need. Email: info@sisterschurch.com or call the Church Office (541) 549-1201 to be connected with one of our Elders. 


Because SCC does not have a counseling department on staff, or have the expertise to meet all of the specific clinical needs of our people, we have designed a Care Network to provide resources for people in need. Our Care Network is not designed to replace or exclude pastoral counseling, but instead recognizes that there are times in life when it is helpful to be connected with a person or organization that is specifically equipped to address your spiritual, emotional, or physical circumstances. 


When needed (in particular with matters of depression, abuse, grief, suicide concerns, addictions, and complex marital difficulties) we refer people to professional counselors. Presently, we refer to the following Christian counselors: 

Scott G. Miller, Psy. D.

Phone: (541) 549-1300


Lisa Woodworth

Phone: (541) 420-3554


Betty J. Beaumont

Providing Services to Children, Adolescents, Adults and Couples

Phone: (480) 329-2495


Tod M. Ricker, LPC

Children and Family Therapist

Phone: (541) 357-0046



Substance Abuse/Addictions

Celebrate Recovery (Christian recovery program & support groups) 


Westside Church in Bend

Gary Burton (541) 382-7504

Faith Christian Center in Bend

Dick Stein (541) 382-8274

Alcoholics Anonymous (recovery programs/support groups) 

Redmond (541) 548-0440

Central Oregon Narcotics Anonymous (recovery programs & support groups) 

(541) 416-2146

Serenity Lane (residential recovery programs) 

Bend (541) 383-0844

Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Bend (541) 385-5334

Redmond (541) 504-8919

Suicide Concerns

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255